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DieselBid Terms
  1. Service Agreement and Items

  2.  Welcome to DieselBid.com, By using our site, you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the following terms of use. Please review the following terms carefully. If you do not agree to these terms, you should not use this site.

     All the rights of services of DieselBid.com belong to DieselBid International Co., Ltd. (the company, so called as follows). And all services (DieselBid.com service, so called as follows) will be provided according to this acknowledgement to DieselBid.com registered members. When you make use of DieselBid.com, it is understood that you have read, acknowledged and accepted all the rules of DieselBid.com, that include service items, exemptions statement etc. And the company, DieselBid.com and any other related associates will never be accused in whatever the way or situations.
    The company reserves the right to alter at any the service items without notice, and you are suggested to make review of this service agreement all the time.

  3. Member Registration Responsibility

  4.  If you register with DieselBid.com as a company or any other legal identities, you acknowledge and warranty that you are entitled to let the same to be bond by the service agreement.
     Register your real company name, full personal details according to the correct registration procedures. If there are any changes to that, please update data to keep your company details accurate, real and complete. You will be responsible legally if you register in others names without any necessary arrangement to that very person.
    If you or the company you represent do not supply honest data, or do not update data on time that make registration not correct, the company reserves the right to terminate you membership and all related services at any time.

  5. Login ID, Passwords and Security

  6.  After you have finished registration with DieselBid.com to become DieselBid.com member, you will receive a set of login ID and password, which will be kept, under your full responsibility. No renting out of any kind, transfer or let-out to any third party is allowed.

     You can, however, change your passwords any time and make sure to use log-out after each use of your login ID and password to prevent fraudulent use by others. If you do have found that you login ID and password were used fraudulently, please inform the company immediately. As a matter of fact, this does not mean that the company indicates any responsibility by the company to compensate you for the loose cased by that. Any fraudulently use of them will not be responsible by the compensation of the company.

  7. Privacy and Data Protection

  8.  Data search by you and companies you represent are regulated by protection law of personal data processed by computers, related laws of Taiwan and privacy policy of the company, that is published in the DieselBid.com at http://www.dieselbid for members who are interested in reviewing them. As to the data you published, part or in all, will be kept in our record to be shared by other members since DieselBid.com provides paid member service and generates advertisement effect that will give its members the best possible market exposure.

  9. User Responsibility and Commitment

  10.  You are committed to supplying honest, correct and the most updated personal data, otherwise, the company will terminate your membership and refuse to supply further service to you.
     You agree the company will keep your data that you have published on behalf of you or your company. The company has every right to collect, process, keep and transmit theses data that will let other members to make use of the data and conduct lawful marketing practices.
     The company will not show any responsibility or make any compensation to the loss that is occurred because of lost of login ID and passwords etc.
     You are not allowed to make use DieselBid.com system for unlawful purpose and obey laws of Taiwan and rules in connection with internet global practices.
     Data such as unlawful, swear, insulting, rude, obscene, no true, harmful, copyright breaching, will purposed etc will never be allowed to be uploaded. And the company will certainly delete them if found true.
     Objects that are unlawful or against the general rules are recognized by the company as those not allowed to be traded or published at DieselBid.com.
     Disturbance of any kind to DieselBid.com site and its proxy are not allowed.
     System of DieselBid.com, part or in full, is not allowed to be copied, sold or resold for business purpose.
     Patent, trademarks, copyright in any form are not allowed to be published in DieselBid.com site without prior notice to parties related. The company has the right to remove the same if necessary.

  11. Exemption Statement

  12.  The company does not provide any guarantee to DieselBid.com service intended or unintended. The company does not guarantee that it will satisfy specific requirement by clients. Unless it caused by the company who never guarantee that the service is un-interruptible. And no guarantee will be given to service that is on-time and reliable. If there are any thing in the agreement against the present consumer protection rules, suggestions and comments may be made for further amendment.
     The company does not show any responsibility to direct, indirect, occasional or special loses that are the direct consequence of hacker and any other illegal use of systems. Furthermore, service suspension will not be covered by the company should they come from government censorship, law alternations, wars, fights, power off and destruction on purpose and any other un-controllable events.
     For the sake of special business nature, hackers, computer virus attack or ISP adjustment, as well as government censorship that lead to temporary service suspension will be regarded as irresistible factors to which the company will show no responsibility.
     The company has no obligations or responsibility toward products advertised by its members. If you transact with manufacturers and suppliers for their services on DieselBid.com, that will be bond by relevant contracts without any involvement of the company. Whenever there are arguments arising from service defects or service disagreement, members will contact those manufacturers or suppliers direct for help and solutions. The company does not show any responsibility whatsoever.
     DieselBid.com users agree to protect benefits of the company and any legal charges should they happen with member argument and violations of service items and compensations.

  13. External Links

  14.  Links to other websites do not imply an endorsement of the materials disseminated at those websites, nor does the existence of a link to another site imply that the organization or person publishing at that site endorses any of the materials at this site. Links to other websites are provided by the company as a convenience to its users. The company is not responsible for the materials contained at any website linked to this site.

  15. Copyright of DieselBid.com Contents

  16.  Contents defined in this site include: all words, software, soundtracks, graphics, recordings, charts, adverts, emails and all data provided by members. These contents are protected by copyrights, labels and other intelligence laws. Permissions are needed for anybody to make use these contents and no copy, redistribution and publishing these contents are allowed without the agreement from DieselBid.com.

  17. Preparatory Law and Court in Control

  18.  All items and explanations of DieselBid.com acknowledgement covering service articles, and all arguments ever since, will be explained and judged by the Taiwan Kaohsiung District Court.

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